Work In Progress Stories

The stories below are all WORK IN PROGRESS. They have a varied amount of work done to each. I will only display works here that I have covers for, as I am trying to limit the amount of copyrighted material on my site.

Below each piece I will try and put a small bar stating the progress of the work

The Man Who Would Be King Verse

The following stories are all set in the world of Fera, the same world in which the novel "The Man Who Would Be King" is set in.

Curse Of A



Vernon Sharpe, Paladin of Vokmir must face off against a deadly threat to the known world. Helped by his companions, Andreas must overcome dangers of Magic, Curses and his own self.



of War


The Front, a simple name for a hellish place; in fact hell would be a lot nicer compared to the front. Grey smoke and kicked up dirt filled the air as the taste of gunpowder followed you wherever you walked on the front.

A lone soldier tries to fight his way on the front, trying to live long enough to return to his belloved back home.


Knightly Vows

Knightly Vows.png

A Knightly Order must defend a city from the rebellious forces enticed by an outside power. The small Order must protect the last member of the Monarchy and perhaps retake the city.


The Ten Rings

The Ten Rings.png

A Prophecy has been found and Ten Rings shall bring forth the End of the World.

With the death of their Master, Vlandirleld Amberster, an Ilmarian Entitled and user of the arcane arts and Elegosa, an Elven Ranger from the deep woods of Waud Forrest and the local Elven Reservation  join together with Xandrill, a local Elven thief find the Ten Rings and stop the one's who killed their master.



The Queen is Dead

00 TBA.png

Valana, the capital of the Valanian Republic is falling to ruin under a crushing nobility, an ailing Working Class and a destitute peasantry. What is even more dreadful is that the Queen is dead. Killed by assassins, the Royal Guard have been tasked with keeping the daughter of the Queen alive until she is old enough to take the throne. 

Going into hiding, Valdorian Delagney, 'Royal Protector of the Princess' must keep the girl hidden from the public in case the Assassins try again.


Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace.png

A Rift has been opened by a cult of a demon; the Ilmarian military is quick to defend the rift and have been able to construct defenses at the brink

The Grandson of King Andreas the V of Ilmaria tour's the Rift's defenses.  Can he hold the line while retaining what makes him pure and whole?


For the


For the Revolution.png

A Revolution is upon us! Can life continue with or without the Monarchy? Will Democracy work?




The Order.png

The Order has defended and controlled the world for numerous years but will it last?

And for how Long?



An Explorer travels an unknown land. His only friend and family his horse.

Forced in to a long distance race, Ryder must travel through Desert, Jungle, Planes and Arctic. Its a long journey but it wont be the first time he's done this sort of thing.


The Voyage

The Voyage.png

The Sea has dried up, no one knows why. The brave have disapeared, the weaker do not want to go.

People are afraid, so he goes to find out; when no one else would.



Trouble on the


Trouble on the Intercontinental.png

The Trans-Intercontinental Train-line is one of the worlds wonders, many travel its long railroad on luxurious steam-trains.

One such journey does not go well for an Agent of the Crown.



The Gates

Enter The Gates.png

As the Empire is born, there are those who are seen as undesirables to the cause, the Aşağı elves. Where else would they be sent but to 'the Camps'. A Commander is there from the start, a soldier is brought into reinforce the guard shifts and a new batch of inmates are brought in.

The one thing you should not do, but cannot stop is to Enter the Gate




Can an ancient city, lost for aeons and hidden by ancient Üstün sorcery. be raided by a Tomb Raider?

Does it take skill or does it take an accident?




A Modern day Gunslinger must hunt the murder of numerous Entitled




Sire Bartholomew Gardiner fights his way through the Midyear festival tournament, competing in the Jousting. Fighting Knights, Nobleman and high society. Can Sire Bartholomew Gardiner win the tournament or will his true identity be revealed?


Sister of Sin

Sister of Sin.png

The Shikari Series


The Shikari:

The Order of the Shattered Shield

Shikari - 2.0 - Order of the Shattered Shield.png

After the loss of a loved one, Ruka and Lenna head to the world from which the Knight of the Order came from. 
Their one plan: Revenge.


The SHikari:

The Dragon And the Wolf

Shikari - 3.0 - The Dragon And The Wolf.png

A strange new world and a strange new culture. Can Ruka of Stormwall, Ruka the Shikari, Ruka the Wolf, learn the way of the Dragon?


The Shikari:

A New Life

Shikari - 4.0 - A New Life.png

Finally home, Ruka tries his very best to settle back into his old life, however an Elven Temptress of the Ancient Üstün Elves decides to intervene.


The Shikari:

Naga Love

Shikari - 0.1 - Naga Love.png

Can a Shikari, a Monster Hunter, fall in love with a monster?


Non-Verse Specific Plots


Void Noir


A murder brings Raymond Caine, a Freelance Detective into a case filled with murder, intrige and cybernetics.


Russian Royalty

Russian Royalty.png

Larionovna 'Lari' Antonov is a Russian blue haired punk girl from St. Petersburg, Russia. Lari recently moved to the United States and is trying to set up her life there. Speaking little English, she has to learn the language, nuances and other fiddly things.

Lari's history is not exactly the cleanest; with her father linked deeply with the Russian Mob, she has been sent out of Russia after a series of unfortunate events. 

A bodyguard is assigned to her to keep her out of trouble and get her settled in to her new life however, her old life comes knocking.


Temporal War

Space and time.

A war rages across all time and space.

One man must stop the war, but to do so; will spill the blood of billions.


Threat Level Foxtrot Alpha Six

Threat Level Alpha Foxtrot Six.png

The base has been breached and the enemy running rampant. Jack must defend the base before the game resets.




The War is over but those who once fought it are still left to live out the rest of their lives. Supersoldiers created to win the hopeless war now have to live with what their masters did to their bodies.

This is the story of one such man as he tries to live a normal life


Cadet Wars


Caught up in a war while training to become part of the Navy; recruits of the Solland Kingdom attempt to survive overwhelming odds to get back their homeworld





Locked up in an asylum for the murder of his family, a writer tries to prove his innocence and prove that it was the darkness that did it!


The Siege of



A planet is under seige and the Imperial Navy sit by and blockade the world, leaving its people to die to the enemy. Not for the Order!

Super soldiers descend to the world 


Vengeance In Blood

00 TBA.png

Hunted by dangerous forces, a special operator must take revenge for the death of his partner in the darkest reaches of Russia.


Old Empire


Old Empire Reborn.png

After a serious loss resulting in the fracture of the Empire, a former Military Commander takes over the remaining military forces and takes to the podium to give his men one last speech before setting on their conquest.


Writers Block

Writers Block

A novelist tries to fight the sinking hole that is Writers Block. After an argument and subsequent break up with his wife an old lover steps into the picture. Able to write once again, William Blake finds that his new muse is not all as she appears


Sink the Caeser

Sink the Caesar.png

The World War has raged for years, but one thing frigtens the world 'Caser' the biggest Super-Battle-Ship sets sail for the open sea.

Orders come in from Allied Command. "Sink the Caser"


Writers Love

Writers Love.png

A writer falls in love after a one-night stand with a single mother he met at a bar in Vegas.




In a world that has Androids for sale at low prices online, can android who has been built as part of a package service learns humanities truth


Never Surrender

Never Surrender.png

Stand firm and hold your ground. We shall never surrender, we will defend our home from this foe, a foe who comes to destroy all we care for ad all we hold dear. None shall remain if we do not win. Never surrender!




The ship is under fire, the crew must get to the life pods, the Captain must make sure that everyone is off before he steps off. However an explosion causes that plan to end quickly.

What would a Captain think during his last breath?


Lost Civilisation

Lost Civilization.png

Can a lost civilization really be found in a remoate location on Earth with all the technology today?

What would happen if a team enters an ecosystem no one has entered for thousands of years?


Stay With Me

Stay With Me.png

After his wife left him, can a man really go through life without someone loving to be beside him when he wakes up?



Old Wounds.png

War wounds never really heal. Mike, a former soldier is now working as a writer at his former squad leader's magazine firm. Living with Levi, a former platoon-mate, Mike and Levi live the lovers life while keeping it professional at work.

All until old memories and old wounds turn up. She turns up at his door, Frank, a former lover and another former soldier steps into Mike's life, they all share war stories and share injuries.


Inked Up

Inked Up.png

Tyler, a feminie looking tattoo artist, meets an angry angst Indian teen who's out to get what she wants


Punk Love

Jorden 'Jo' Roche is the usual punkish teenager who just loves to party, do drugs and have sex, but when he gets into money trouble with the mob. He must now do what ever he can to get any cash.


00 TBA.png

The Dead do not stay dead. They must seek the light and enter the afterlife. But one Undead finds one Undead fading away. She decides to help him find the Light he can no longer see.