An Essay Entitled: "The Types of ROLE PLAYERS in the Community"

Written by Lewis Stockton


Decided to put this back up after a while of it being down. I was going to keep it down after a request from a member on this list but after them being a dick again, I decided to put it up again. Mostly to spite them and others. Yea I will admit that this is now up just to annoy and spite people. Not really bothered, its good ad revenue after all.


Oh look boys and girls, I have not actually used this place in MONTHS and people still read it and get butt hurt about it. 

Some butt-hurt Child-loving Chick-dick sucking retard has started some sort of campaign against me. Funny, because its all evidence to an ongoing police investigation. 




Seems someone didn't like it. Seems Orochi didn't like being on the 'People to avoid' list AND have proof of his self-righteous big-headedness and ran to Vill to get it removed. "Targeting" people, HA.. 'Bring together' Ha.. yea, really. I'M the one doing a disservice.. by showing the community who the filth is?

Hmm, okay. No worries. The Article and the things on it will stay up no matter how much Stalin-esque censorship you throw at me. I'm actually laughing at all this! Its so childish!


After such a great turnout of idea's and the LOVE AND HATE of this article. I'm adding a few more sections. They will be filled out soon, but keep talking, I'll add more and more!



Why have I written this? Well, I asked myself that every time I put something down but quickly confirmed my reasoning why once I wrote it down. There are horrible and there are good people in the Role playing Community and some need to be pointed to as good examples while some have to be pointed to as reasons for avoidance and just pure stupidity.

So, I wrote this essay / Case Study / What ever you want to call it to point out and dissect The Good, The Bad and The Completely Moronic.

The Good

"True Novella Writers"

Novella writing can sometimes be a bore to read, novella writing can usually just be filled with waffling text, repeated lines and useless fluff. I dont want to know the exact time of day that you saw that flower that looks remotely the same shade of red that the person's hair infront of you was twenty days ago while you were riding the train to hampshire because you were off to see your.... bla bla bla.

You get what I mean, people who just like to hear their own voice / words and just waffle and waffle on just so they can call themselves "Novella" writers. You may write Novella, but I can write what you took 10 paragraphs to say in 5 with just as much detail and effort.

I am a novella writer but everything in my posts and text are there for a reason, you do not need to tell every single detail all the time. 

I currently roleplay with a Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion, he and I share LONG Novella styled posts that are rich of detail. Here is an example of our Roleplay post. This is ONE post by him, ONE post by me

His Post


My Post


As you see, his post was long but not too long, mine was LONGER because I was in control of the story for this scene. We worked together, a lot of his posts are JUST AS LONG as the one I posted because HE is in control of that part of the story.

Now, I find people who say "No Novella's" and 'I get bored with Long role plays'. So be it, you may not like it, but do you read books? Do you read Fan Fiction? Because just like those, Novella Role plays are entertaining to some. Novella Role plays are mini-books, short stories in a paired writing. My girlfriend and I have a novel we're working on from a Novella based Roleplay we did, its called 'The Man Who Would be King'. 

Novella Role plays should not be avoided 'just because you don't want to read them' or 'I can't do those lengths. Length is not what matters. CONTENT is. If you can do a good roleplay in 5 paragraphs, then do it but do not insult the people who like long role plays.

Just Remember, AVOID Fluff, AVOID Waffling. TELL the STORY.


"The Foreigner"

Something rather funny can happen when you roleplay with someone who's first language is not English, you find an appreciation for the English language that perhaps you never had before. You see, when you roleplay with a non-English-first-language user, you tend to find they put a lot of effort into keeping their work readable and presentable. 

This appreciation may not bring you the longest role plays, sometimes it may not make sense but you find that they are REALLY putting in effort to roleplay with you. I have even found 90% of the time, Non-English-First-Language users have better grammar and literacy rate than those who ARE English-First-Language users.

I really wish I had some screenshots of people I've roleplayed with who were for Non-English-First-Language but you will have to take my word for it


"Honest Writers"

There are people out there who doubt their skills. People out there who will come out and tell you ' I can't roleplay much because I have work' or 'I cant roleplay much because of Real life commitments'. These people are the good kind of Roleplayers you should appreciate. THEY put in a lot of effort to Roleplay in the little time they have, Yes, they may not be that active, yes they may spend some time online but not respond; they are just busy.

Check up on them, be nice, ask them how their day is, become friends... They are trying their best to roleplay and you should appreciate that, be that person they can relax with when they're not busy.


The Bad

It is time we got to the one's that you were all really here to read, the Bad types of Role players. Yes, there are bad kinds of Role players no matter what some people try to sell you. Here are the longer list of bad types of Role players.



Time we got to the main type of Bad Role player. The Erotic. The Erotic is a plague on any Roleplaying site be it Aniroleplay or RoleplayersGuild. Hell there is even a site out there dedicated to Erotic Roleplayers: Roleplay Tavern.

I am not against sex or mature themes in a roleplay but there are the types of people who simply ONLY want to have sex and do the most disgusting things.

An Example I found within 2 minutes of clicking "Online" on AniRp

An Example I found within 2 minutes of clicking "Online" on AniRp

Erotic profiles tend to have several key features. They are usually very illiterate and do not even try to keep to grammar and punctuation principles. They are usually very Illiterate and will tend to only write One liners or up to Para. Erotics are most likely men who like perving on girls or pretending to be girls so that they can 'have lesbian sex'; which is rather laughable because they gravitate to each other so you will most likely be Role-playing with another 'straight' male pretending to be a female (Dick is optional). Laughable really!

ALTHOUGH I am against 'Erotics' I am not against people who use Mature themes in their Role plays. As Discussed above in the 'Good' section, you can have sex, torture and mature themes in role plays. I myself have taken part in role plays with mature themes such as torture, sex, dismemberment, rape etc.


There are several ways to spot these people on different websites; the most common is the "18+ Only, Women Only" sign you see on sites such as Aniroleplay"

It is rather laughable at the idea of some of these little things they put on their profiles. Examples such as :

  • 18/21+ Only
  • Lesbian
  • Packing Extra
  • No Men
  • (Les) in their name
  • (S&L) "Single and Looking"
  • "Looking for GF"
  • No MCRP


I am not against the use of mature themes because mature themes can enhance a role-play, change a role-play and play out those darkest parts of the world and life in it. The world is not all fluffy rainbows and candy. There are rapists, murderers, wars and soldiers, death and maiming. A 'Mature' Role-play is not just sex, a 'Mature' Role-play is about doing things which may require a higher intellect and mind to comprehend properly.

One other type of role player I will lump under "EROTICS" are the one's I like to call "Desperate" kind of people. These are the people who are looking for romance and girlfriends on a website like ANIROLEPLAY. You see them all the time, the kind of people who have "Looking for GF" on their profile followed by a long list of things which their 'perfect girl' should add. 

It is rather laughable to think that they would get romance on here by actively posting shit like that. Yes, you can find people through Role-play sites to date you but it has to be YEARS of friendship and love. 

My Girlfriend and Myself met through Tumblr, Role-playing Attack on Titan as Mike and Petra. We talked, we chatted, we became friends and then that led to us dating. Neither of us searched for anyone to date on there, it flowed naturally and we are going strong almost 3 years now. 

So to all Erotics out there, get your dicks out of your hands, get up off your computer and go out and actually find someone. YOU CAN actually date people online, you can even find people through role-playing but don't go out there searching by adding "Looking for GF" or "S&L" to your profile. You just look desperate, sad and childish. Go on a dating site and keep your lame ass off Role-playing sites.

Moron Erotic.png

"Illiterates / One Liner"

Oh boy, I'm going to get some more flak for this one arnt I?

Illiterates and One liners are one of the next worst kind of Roleplayers you meet on Role playing sites. People who put zero effort (other than the lazy, see next type) into making sure that their role plays are at least readable. This DOES NOT include people who's English is not their first language, as their classed under 'The Foreigner' in THE GOOD section.

Illiterates don't even try, you can usually tell from their profile because they copy and paste the ENTIRE Wiki article for their character (without even removing the formatting OR entering formatting themselves)

Another key point to pick up on is their lack of length, they keep to one lines which cant or wont continue the plot f the Roleplay. Every post in a roleplay has to continue the story, extend the plot and you CANNOT do that with one line. 

"Hey... I do this then I do that then I go over here and then I talk: hey.. I say hello then I go.."

That was literally the jist of a roleplay I got from someone after giving them a large starter. 


"The Lazy"

The Lazy, not necessarily the worst kind of person in the verse but definitely one of those types that really pisses me and many others off. You put a LOT of work in to a role-play, you have a plan, a plot and a setting, you approach them or they approach you and you request something simple; such as my example of when people add me, I ask them to suggest a plot and setting.

Then they don't, or they don't want to, or want you to do it for them. The kind of person who you have to do EVERYTHING for. YOU have to plan the plot, YOU Have to pick the setting. YOU have to pick their character. YOU have to send the starter. Usually when you are the one to send the starter and you send a long well thought out one; they usually ignore it or post with one liner or para post which barely even fits with the starter you sent.

These are 'The Lazy'. The type of people who don't want to do anything in a roleplay's planning stages and simply want you to do it all for them. 

An Example of a lazy roleplayer. Added me and expected me to do everything

An Example of a lazy roleplayer. Added me and expected me to do everything

Role-playing should be about working together to come to a plot and setting; not one persons job. Get off your fat arse, get your hand out of your pants and get some work to do. Effort is both ways.


"The 'NO MCRP'er"

One type of person which really annoys me is the "No MCRP" profiles you see. I understand some of it but you cannot judge everyone on the fact they are Multi character Profiles. Luckily websites such as "Roleplayers Guild" are able to give you one login for many profiles (which is one of the good things about RPG, even if it is ran by a moron and someone you should avoid)

I myself have been role playing for over 15 years, starting on forums and chat rooms for my age groups, moving to Bebo and expanding my character list there. Over he years I have had hundreds of role plays and built up characters for all of them, Canon and OC's; all of them are fully fleshed out.

All my characters are dedications to the effort I put into a character; I will never roleplay a character that I do not know well and I will learn everything to play a character. Several times I have watched entire anime's and read entire books to learn a character. 

So please don't tell me that because I roleplay more than one character on a profile that I don't dedicate myself to playing them. Every character has the full dedication, its like saying I shouldn't roleplay with other people because I wont be putting full dedication into your roleplay.

I do see the other side though, a lot of people make you chose from a shit tone of characters and wont put any effort into them, THEY are the bad MCRP'ers, just like Mature Role plays have the Bad Erotics. Every group has a good and bad side, don't lump everyone in to one group or you're just as bad as Donald Trump and his political Agenda against Islam (ooooo Politics :D LOL)

The Completely fucking Moronic


"The Death THrEATER'S"

Death threats are no joke. YOU DO NOT FUCKING DO IT. I have been the subject of several death threats due to my involvement in the RWBY verse on Aniroleplay. Long story short, some morons decided that me using an Image on Google was 'beyond despicable' and "Killed off the RWBY verse" decided to throw death threats my day. Luckily with the help of several people I know we managed to get rid of them; although they are floating about in their own little jerking circles.

Death Threats are no joke, you do not do it and it is a criminal offense. It is very easy to track you down through your IP address and find you. I have found 3 people who gave me death threats and 1 other who is actually listed in my 'People to avoid' section. 

Yes, some people diserve to die in a fire, yes, some people should die but that is not for you to say. THE ONLY people who diserve to die in a fire are those who think because they can throw insults over the web that they are untouchable.

News flash, you're not untouchable. Its very easy to find you but not worth the effort for some sniveling child who can't grow up. 

Screenshot_1 (2).png


A rather funny Revelation occurred that few months ago. One of the people in the RWBY community  i am apart of was ejected for certain acts and after some digging, a friend in the community found out that all the people sending me death threats and starting up the whole incident about my 'stealing' a picture and using it was all because of one sad little boy

This boy, laughably, fell in love with me, or precisely my characters. Turns out he did not like the fact that I am a guy, he found out and then was so distraught in his confused sexuality that he began to incite blackmail and violence against me. He has been doing this to 3 other people that we know of, maybe more. When he finds out he cannot get close he begins to get hostile and vicious.

Rather funny that a sad little boy who fell in love with a guy's writing online decides to throw death threats at me.



The Back-peddlers are just as bad as any other people on here. "TheMuseOfManyMasks" is a prime example of one of these kinds of people.

You add them, you discuss with them and you perhaps start, then after a while, they suddenly just disappear, block you for no reason. You find them later on another profile. You talk with them, they do the same thing, you discuss, you start then they just disappear, ignore you or just leave a thread / Roleplay.

The Back Peddlers like to get into a RP then throw it away without any bothering to tell you. You wait a while for them and the moment you ask them why, they get all angry with you. 

"TheMuseOfManyMasks" is a prime example in my  case as I've spoken to her for a good year or two but every time she/he  gets a roleplay going with me, they leave and unadd me on skype, Ani or RPG. When asking why, they get hostile with you.

THESE kinds of people should be avoided, they are not worth your time and effort. Especially "TheMuseOfManyMasks" They are utterly useless


"Rude ass Mother-fuckers"

Another good example of someone who should just leave. The 'Rude Ass Mother-Fuckers' can also fit into other catagories but they diserve their own too.

The kind of people who like to just insult you for no reason. The example on theleft of this page is of 'Linkle' a Roleplayer on Ani who likes to constantly add you, then when you do add them, they get hostile. 

In  this screenshot, I had deleted them from my mail several times and warned them in one post to "Stop adding me, I do not want to Rp with you". They cnstantly added me back so I warned them one last time in << that post. They then proceeded to call me a 'Faggot' Laughably really because that 'linkle' is a guy rping a girl. So yea, 'I' am the faggot. 

(Yes I am aware I was a female character, but I did not call him a faggot...There is nothing wrong with Rping any gender in Roleplays)



What to say about this catagory. It is rather just a lump sum group for all the idiots who seem to fit into EVERY Catagory on the list of BAD. 

The Incompetent are those who shine in their stupidity, who make fake profiles to taunt and take the piss of people, who delight in those who ACTUALLY TAKE TIME to make something just to insult someone.

It actually takes dedication to be THAT STUPID, so after trying tofind a good word for these kinds of people, I finally settled on the 'Incompetent' word and have been using it for some years now.

Hell, I even got my own little image what some idiot people made to insult me with, They tried to link all my characters on there, which was funny. I applaud their effort of working out who I was.

Hell, I even got my own little image what some idiot people made to insult me with, They tried to link all my characters on there, which was funny. I applaud their effort of working out who I was.

Look, I even got my own little fanboy who made an entire profile to try and take the piss of me :D Its quite haleirous to see who aded them too, Zeke in the bottom right is one of the main people who seems to linger around ANIRP and is rather illiterate.

Look, I even got my own little fanboy who made an entire profile to try and take the piss of me :D Its quite haleirous to see who aded them too, Zeke in the bottom right is one of the main people who seems to linger around ANIRP and is rather illiterate.


The Hypocrite

(Notes to be added into - Vill and Orochoi  comments)


The Cultist

- Dont forget to mention the people who follow Orochi and Vill as if their gods - It will defo stir up drama but be fully the truth!



In conclusion, there are good people, bad people and utterly moronic people out there in this community and EVERY community in fact. Do not judge certain people because they do things you do not like, ONLY JUDGE people if they deserve it.

Role playing is supposed to be a fun outlet for people to relax, not a hostile work place where you have to avoid death threats, idiotic site creators, religious fanatics, Political jockeying and Incompetent insulting dick weeds.

Have fun role playing and enjoy the time you have with people, make friends and have fun!



Below are a long list of people you should avoid with links to their profiles on Role-playing sites ALL AROUND THE WEB and reasons why.

(Will be updated regularly, there are always dicks in the community)



Chaotic World of Orochi

Their RoleplayersGuild Site

Got Arsey and uptight because I had the name "IBurn" on a Yang and 'he did it first' - yet Iburn is a very common username/name for a Yang from RWBY as it is LITERALLY the name of her Intro Song.

He even tried to get me reported on here and several other sites

Actually a very good roleplayer (When he decides to actually reply rather than spend ages between them, and not just days; weeks or even months)

BUT He is just a bully

Definitely avoid.

Screenshots of the conversation line between myself and this user. He decided to 'tell a story'. Fucking Moron



Seems he got angsty about me mentioning him in here and had a friend sed this to me, Rather laughable if you ask me. He claims he 'doesn't give a fuck' about me, yet takes the time to write this all out. 


I just wish I had the effort and the care to go and screenshot his own article about 'not writing articles' and basically going at me. Laughable really. Telling me I can't use the blocking system the way I want: to get rid of people who I dont want to RP with. Which is why the block button exists, to 'block' people you dont want. Moron.



Their RoleplayersGuild Site

Basically rude as hell and what I call a "Back-peddler" - Sets up a RP with you, makes you do all the work and makes you start (even when they added you) then half way through the discussion or Roleplay (Or even after you start) They just ignore you for months before leaving the thread and stating "You were the problem"

Definitely avoid.


Their RoleplayersGuild Site

Used to Roleplay with them ALL THE TIME, They were one of my favorite role players yet one day, they got all abusive at me, called me shit and went full on abusive. Quickly deleted their account after I'd seen it so that their chat messages deleted so I couldn't report it. 

Definitely avoid.



Their RoleplayersGuild Site

Actively ignored talking to me yet was chatting with my gf (Flirting with her basically. Being all the 'I'm depressed and my gf left me' sort of shit). Was a total dick to me but not to her. So... Yea

Definitely avoid.


Their RoleplayersGuild Site

This person was rather rude to me when I asked for a Roleplay, they made me do all the work and eventually they just ignored me.




After trying to sort out a RP, they just resulsted in calling me a 'Faggot'(check screenshot below) Basically an Eroric account

Definitely avoid.



After trying to discuss a Roleplay and stating I do not do anything below Multipara, they got abusive and would constantly insult me. 

Definitely avoid.



Their RoleplayersGuild Site

Repeatedly asked me to do erotic stuff after I told them several times that I do not do erotic for the sake of erotic. Continued to pester me for it even though I repeatedly told them to stop

Avoid if you don't like Erotics


Their RoleplayersGuild Site

Rude as Mother Fucker. Blocked me for no reason and was perfectly fine the times we talked. Although an Amazing roleplayer, people who just block for no reason diserve to be avoided




Their RoleplayersGuild Character Site

This moron sent a sexual image with the word "Hey" (image linked below). I have screenshotted and reported them; they will probably be removed soon but if you see this person, keep an eye out and block them. Fucking moron.

Character name: Stephanie

Their Roleplayers Guild Character

Sent a random starter to me, having not read my profile and decided to just throw a shitty starter at me. When confronted with a request for discussion, they did not reply and simply left the thread. 

Rude. Avoid


Harem of Hooligans

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Sent a message requesting an Erotic plot, when my profile clearly states I do not do Erotic, and yet after they said they HAD read my profile, still wanted to erotic shit. 

They left the thread and bitched about me. 

Blocked, Stupid, Moronic, erotic and Rude. Avoid


The Imiko

Their RoleplayersGuld Character

A Moron who decides to remove himself from a thread after basically rambling at you for not doing what he wants.

Believing that someone who roleplays their character in their own verse is "limited", he rambls on about some shitty "My Space Great War" and is adement his own theories of the universe are correct.

Morons. Dont tell me how to Roleplay my own characters. Go back to your little hole you crawled out from

Unknown User (but has the following characters *see image)

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Leaves threads very often and does not give back enough in plotting. Expects YOU to do all the work and wont put anything into the roleplay.

Here is the list of their characters seeing as they wont add names to their profile.


Flame On

Their Aniroleplay Character

Asked if my character would be a Futa, I told them that its fucking discusting. If he wanted to suck a dick, he should go find a guy, not Korra, a female, to have a dick.

He blocked me then said shit about me in his stream. 

Avoid and Block. Fucking Freak



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Decided to leave the thread (several times I messaged them over the months) after I politely asked them for a roleplay even after they posted an article asking for Roleplayers. 

Rude and should be avoided


Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Ignores people and then when HE wants to do your character, attempts to make conversation before getting bored and leaving the thread. 

Upon confrontation, he gets hostile and leaves the thread. 

Rude and should be Avoided


No (Character: Hanata Okana)

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Messaged me requesting that I lower my length limit to a paragraph when my limit is clearly Multipara to novella. (Able to do multi para most of the time). When I told them I do not do anything LESS than Multipara and it is clearly stated on my profile; they got arsey with me.

Stupid and can't read a profile before messaging. AVOID


Lord Vault

Their Roleplayers Guild Profile

A Sexual idiot, God Mods and AUto's then bitches when it goes against him in return. Sexual character and sends random starters

Stupid and Moronic. Avoid


~Houtengeki Dreams~

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

After a polite request for a roleplay, they decided to leave the thread 

Rude and avoid

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕬𝖛𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖗 𝖔𝖋 𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖔𝖓

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

After a polite request to roleplay, they left the thread without a response, then asked to roleplay on one of my other profiles (which is clearly listed on my account)

Rude, stupid and avoid.


Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Requested a RP with me, then got arsy and 'stuck up' After I toldthem I only rp my character in their own verse. Screenshots are below for your proof. 



Character Name: Breeding Mull (S&L)

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Sent 4 starters to 4 different characters without discussion, is an erotic character AND has done this before but made a new profile after being blocked by me and probably others.



Their RoleplayersGuiild Profile

Impatient, would not even wait two days for me to get to their reply



Character: Raveger

Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Rudely ignored my message by leaving the thread.



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Started a roleplay and made me start, then during the roleplay, barely gave anything back. Following her leaving the thread because "I did not like the things you did and my character wont continue, so i just left the thread because I can"

Rude as fuck, Avoid.



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Requested a roleplay with them, they asked me what I wanted, I told them polietely and then asked what they wanted to do. They then left the thread with no reason why.

Rude and a time waster. Avoid



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Requested a roleplay with them with a kind message, even offering to start once discussions were over. They left the thread without even a word.

Rude and time waster. Avoid



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

They tried to get me to roleplay Erotic stuff without story, and when I told them I only do story, they freaked out at me.

Rude and time waster. Avoid


Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Impatient and removed themselves from thread after 3 DAYS! only 3 Days.

Rude and time waster. Avoid


Bad Cub

Their RoleplayersGuild Character

Greeted them with a kind greeting and instantly was blocked. Realized they were an erotic looking for "No Geralts" yet their role playing in the Witcher verse. Obvious Erotic moron with "one liner"s.

Rude, Block and Avoid

Juri Han

Their RoleplayersGuild Character

Asked for a Roleplay, I started, then they sent one reply. I was working on the reply but two days later they unadded themselves from the chat

Impatient and rude, Block and avoid.


Kanu Uncho

Their Aniroleplay Character

Their skype: Pizza_lover8

Rude. They ignored every message I sent, complained on  their status that they were not getting any replies and yet ignored a lot of people. Blocked me but not on skype, so I asked why. 

They did not reply to any of my messages.

Rude, Ignorant and the kind of person to Avoid


Cybernetic Powerhouse

Their RoleplayersGuild Character

Asked them for a roleplay and they simply left the thread.

Moron and rude. Avoid.



Their Aniroleplay Profile

I asked them for a roleplay, stating I roleplayed a character in the same verse, but did not have a profile for it due to my length of time role-playing & the lack of spending time making profile for ALL the characters I roleplayed.

They ended up adding a new 'rule' to their profile and insulted me.

Moronic, retarded and Ignorant. Avoid.

Stupid rules.png


Their RoleplayersGuild Character

Asked me to Roleplay, said yes to them and then asked them to start. He said he would but then did not

He then asked me to roleplay on another profile, asked him to start again, he said yes then did not.

Finally he left all the threads and when added back in asking why he left, simply left again.

Rude and Ignorant. Avoid



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Requested a Wahammer 40k Roleplay (Seeing as there are only a few of theose) and they simply left the thread even though they were 40k' roleplayers and had "Looking for Roleplays" as their article and page.

Rude, Incompetent and Avoid


ᴱᵐᵖᵉʳᵒʳ ᵀᶤᵐᵉ

Their RoleplayersGuild profile

I asked them for a roleplay and then they began to give me a lecture on how to act with people and what to do with people. 

Pretentious and an arsehole.  Avoid.


Elizabeth Grant

(Character Name)

Their RoleplayersGuild Character

Removed themselves from a thread after a polite request for a roleplay.

Rude and AVOID


Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

Removed themselves from a  thread after a polite request for a roleplay even though we're in the same verse; in a verse where very few people roleplay.

Rude and AVOID



Their RoleplayersGuild Profile

After a polite request for a roleplay, they ignored it until finally removing themselves from the thread without saying anything.

Rude and Avoid



(No name but their characters are shown below)

Their RoleplayersGuild Site

After a long discussion, they did not reply and then left the thread after a long time of silence.

Rude and AVOID



Their RoleplayersGuild Site

I never had a problem with Vill until he opened his mouth, then that was what started all of the shit that would eventually lead into the "Chaotic World of Orochi"'s reporting of me. 

People who know me will know that I do not work well with idiots, I block people regularly and give them a reason why, apparently this is "Harassment"; when Vill, the owner of RPG came to me telling me to stop, I did not because I was not in the wrong. His skewed definition of "Harassment" is laughable, if you simply insult someone, you're harassing them. If you talk to them more than once, you're harassing them. I even gave him the definition from a dictionary and he completely ignored it.

Vill has his own little 'cult' of followers that think he can do no wrong, this is created by him for the sole purpose of fueling his own ego. If you search him on Facebook, you'll find that he even tried to start his own religion  through 'GoFundMe' - Do you want to know a person who tried to do that? That is LITERALLY the definition of a cult.

He even had the audacity to think I would DDOS him, someone having faked a screenshot to say I was going to DDOS him AND attempted to track me down through my IP address. Stalker much?


Below are a number of screenshots from the Insults and harassment I AND my Girlfriend gained from Villanite and his little cult of followers / Admin's / Morons.

I have some text files I copied (As I never had the program which lets me quickly save Screenshots at that time and will find a way to put them here without having to 

A Harassment by a THEN ADMIN of his team after I left a thread where she was insulting me      

A Harassment by a THEN ADMIN of his team after I left a thread where she was insulting me



His harassment of my GF (saying I used her profile when I Did not, and she was only contacting my old Partners after he banned me so that they could add me on skype)

His harassment of my GF (saying I used her profile when I Did not, and she was only contacting my old Partners after he banned me so that they could add me on skype)

Vill's attempt to harass me with the DDOS threat I did not do AFTER he took away chat privileges for something I DID NOT DO and it was someone else

Vill's attempt to harass me with the DDOS threat I did not do AFTER he took away chat privileges for something I DID NOT DO and it was someone else

Vill's Attempt to say I was DDOS'ing him AND him tracking me down         

Vill's Attempt to say I was DDOS'ing him AND him tracking me down




The Added Chat Banner he added to all messages (Clearly aimed at me after the history we had      

The Added Chat Banner he added to all messages (Clearly aimed at me after the history we had