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Roleplay Rules: 

  1. No Ero for the sake of Ero : I can Rp sexual and mature themes but ONLY in the sake of the PLOT. PLOT IS KEY

  2. Multi Para - Novella length ONLY: I do not go below multi para until we are comfortable with each other OR if the plot is good enough. Single Lines are a NO NO.

  3. Roleplays Stay in Verse: I RP only in the verse of my characters, nothing more or less unless discussed previously.

  4. NO GODMODDING: DO not control my character unless requested or asked to.

  5. And to MR Vill from Roleplayers Guild. You can Fuck off right now. Get the fuck off my site. Fucking Pedo





Nier Automata

Detroit Become Human

Warhammer 40k Characters

Final Fantasy XV

Currently playing through the game and learning the characters. Mostly for my GF, but available to  do them with discussion.

Noctis Lucis Caelum  http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Noctis_Lucis_Caelum

Noctis Lucis Caelum


Ignis Scientia  http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Ignis_Scientia

Ignis Scientia


Prompto Argentum  http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Prompto_Argentum

Prompto Argentum


Gladiolus Amicitia

Gladiolus Amicitia

Critical Role

Dragon Prince Characters

Star Wars Characters

Domidar Manreso - Male Imperial Officer

Domidar Manreso - Male Imperial Officer

Flight Lieutenant Ada - Imperial Pilot

Flight Lieutenant Ada - Imperial Pilot

Kaylann Vicktate - Female Imperial Officer

Kaylann Vicktate - Female Imperial Officer

Candliz Roblu - Female Sith Apprentice / Master

Candliz Roblu - Female Sith Apprentice / Master

DREDD characters

Judge Tanya - Dredd 2012 - Original Character (Red Haired girl)

Judge Tanya - Dredd 2012 - Original Character (Red Haired girl)



Vernon Schaeffer - ODST Veteran

Vernon Schaeffer - ODST Veteran


Original Characters

Here is a list of Original characters that I roleplay as, they tend to fit into any verse that is suggested. So if you wish to RP with them, then suggest a setting and a possible plot and we can work out what to do.


Genderless Characters


"Unity" Hive Mind

"Unity" is a name that is generally given to the 'Hive Mind''s collective.

Unity's only purpose is to be one with everything and everyone. It seeks to absorb everything in the universe into its Hive Mind Collective. First it begins by a general area, feeling and feeding into the subconscious. Moving up the chain of integration until the insertion of an alien worm like creature into the brain. 

This brain creature is actually a race Unity absorbed millennia previously but enhanced the collective grip on the Hive.

Role plays can be with individuals integrated with the Hive mind or with the Hive mind itself. Role plays can take place as she/he absorbs a civilization or a single character.



A Alien Hive mind controlled by a single leader known as "The Queen". The Rokarii are based from the novel series "The Way the Stars Fall".

The Rokarii seek perfection in their DNA and absorb the DNA of every creature they find to filter out the DNA and Genes they do not need before incorporating the new DNA into their life base. 

Having gone into Hybernation Milenia ago, they are awoken and an Invasion force from a wormhole into the past brings the Rokarii into the current time.

Roleplays with this character set will usually involve a Rokarii Queen of a character OC being turned into a Queen.


Sister of Sin - Lust

Lust is a member of a Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Part of the group "Sisters of Sin", Lust is one of many 'Sisters'. The group takes humans from the lower levels of the world; humans, creatures and monsters and uses them for their own will.

Lust can appear as a male or female, depending on his or her feelings on the matter. 

Fera World

Characters from "The Man Who Would Be King books"


Andreas Vandersryke

One of the paired protagonists of "The Man Who Would Be King". Andreas Vandersryke is a former soldier in the Ilmarian Imperium. Descended from Royalty, Andreas was betrayed and is now on a mission of vengeance.


Anton Vandersryke

(Younger - Pre-Ring)

Son to Andreas Vandersryke and Nexanda Tora, King of Ilmaria former and Dragonkin latter, Anton is a spunky teen looking to take back what was his. As an adult, having retaken the throne back,  Anton is trying to avoid fate and destiny. Having his father die because history had been pre-told brought his mindset and will in one direction


Anton Vandersryke

(Older - Post-Ring)

A fortress at the gate of the underworld itself, evil flows from within and the only bastion to hold back the tide is Kal Atal. Once a city held at the end of a mountain valley it is now the gatehouse to a demonic portal to a deathly world.

Held by the son of Andreas Vandersryke, a human with Dragonkin blood flowing through his veins, he wears a cursed ring, one of the Ten Rings of the Hand. Forever must he guard this portal, even in his undeath.

Soon, the ring will take him.


The Ten Rings Story


Vlandirleld Ambsterster

Trained as an Entitled, a mage of the Ilmarian Imperium; Vlandirleld is a seeker of knowledge and power. He craves knowledge and keeps journals and books with him at all times.


Alexandra Vanderbilt

The first and only child of the Vanderbilt dynasty. She liked to call it the 'Dynasty' but really her family line was a lineage of rich and powerful business men and women. Even the females of their family controlled vast business and stocks.


Yilmazok Akar

Dark Lord of the Üstün, Lord of Nargaroth, the Sunken Üstün Nation.


The örtüer of Yilmazok Akar. Holders of the Ten Rings.

Asardin - Alrussian Warlord


Ia - Powerful Entitled


Lisakr - Umissian Warlord


Salasid - Umissian Sultan


Namtar - Humteus's Champion / Ilmarian King


Nizar - Umissian Warrior


Aslaner Gunaydin - Üstün Kräl Şah "Domain Lord"


Móröz & Vîgkiz - Brotherly Kings


Anthonius - Ilmarian King


The örtüer’s New Forms


The Shikari Series


Ruka of Stormwall

Ruka of Stormwall is a Shikari, a monster hunter. Trained to kill and fight any monster he meets, Ruka lives by a strict code of non-interference with political matters. 

Ruka has however, gained a small family, Ara was an Entitled and the pair quickly fell in love. The pair also took care of a girl named Lenna, a young princess whom Ruka had trained to be a Shikari too.

Ruka travels the known world hunting monsters for bounty.


The Temptress

The Temptress is a long and powerful Üstün, traveling the known and unknown world, the Temptress is a Queen and Ancient Mage from the time when the Üstün ruled the world!


A Chance Encounter Story


Jules Fitzgerald

Jules Fitzgerald is the son of an important businessman in the Ilmarian Imperium. He was found to be touched in the gifts of the Gunslingers. Taken to become to train as one of the King's Royal Gunslinger Cabal; he was told to be a gifted Gunslinger. 

During his first mission on the front, he found he did not have the courage for such bloodshed, he fled the battlefield and headed south. Running into a Kobol named Fo and a couple of travelers.

Five Finger Discount Story



Eve is a Siren, a race used as sex slaves in the Empires located on the Vadras Continent. She is a thief and is in hiding from the Church located in the Siegmar Theorcracy.


The Queen Is Dead



Valdorian Delagney

Part of the "The Queen is Dead" story.

Valdorian is the Royal Protector of the Princess, a rank bestowed to him by the Queen to protect the Princess of the Republic from any danger and to teach her all she needed to become the next Queen of the Imperium.

With her mother dead, the Princess must be kept hidden and away from outside views by Valdorian so the assassins do not find her.

Valana, the capital of the Valanian Republic is falling to ruin under a crushing nobility, an ailing Working Class and a destitute peasantry. What is even more dreadful is that the Queen is dead. Killed by assassins, the Royal Guard have been tasked with keeping the daughter of the Queen alive until she is old enough to take the throne. 

Going into hiding, Valdorian Delagney, 'Royal Protector of the Princess' must keep the girl hidden from the public in case the Assassins try again.

Noble sorceress



Cecilia Darrington

The daughter of a rather high and wealthy Nobleman, Cecilia has always from a young age been gifted with the skill of magic. Wishing to join the Sorceress Guild and become a high skilled magic user; she was disappointed when her father sold her off for a political marraige.

Her husband is the Duke of the local lands and being a Duchess, she was only there for one thing, name, power and to pump our heirs for the man. 

She let him fuck her, do as he wishes with her but she would not sit around idle. Disappearing into the city, she practices magic in secret, joining the Guild under a false name and striving to abandon her Husband and become a full fledged Sorceress.


The Battle of Al'zula Lul Story


Ealdwin Ravensburg

Son of a Ranger of the forrest-land, Ealdwin was destined to be a simple hunter until he found out he was of the Royal Line. When assassins came to finish him off, he lost his wife, children and entire family to their swords and arrows.

Fleeing into the wild, Ealdwin fights to take revenge on those who wronged him.




Magnus Schlosser




Homestead Story

Mads Mikkelsen.jpg

Kasillius Carina

A Former Knight, Kasillius has retired to his homestead to live with his wife and son, Celia and Cassius. However trouble arises when bandits arrive.

Dragon Story

Purple Dragon by TatianaMakeeva.jpg

Vadrassian Continent 



A Naga living in the wilds of Ilmaria, Vara is headstrong and dominant. He prefer's to be the one in charge and will not back down from a challenge.


Erkan Lafiel

Erkan Lafielis the son of one the Pavis Dominion's high families. Calling himself the Prince of the Dominion, he is an Üstün of high tastes and plenty of kinks.


Washed Up Story

Syrel Vafiel

Aşağı Gunslinger

Syrel Vafiel dressed in his Military Uniform while Serving upon the Ilmarian Navy

Syrel Vafiel dressed in his Military Uniform while Serving upon the Ilmarian Navy

Syrel Vafiel dressed in simple attire after washing up on a far land

Syrel Vafiel dressed in simple attire after washing up on a far land

Syrel Vafiel was now 16, he was Aşağı, Syrel had been brought up in the deep woods of the Waud and lived on the local Elven Reservation for some time until moving out into a village and then into the cities. He preferred the cities than the reservations, the Elven race had always been a second tier in the hierarchy of the world, it was how the world had been since the Humans rose up against the ancient Üstün Elves thousands of years ago.

Aşağı were the name of the current Elves, in their own language. Humans and other races saw the Elves of old and new as the same thing but they were wrong. Aşağı and Üstün were the same race yet very different.

Syrel was a Gunslinger, which was strange among his race as none had existed in the history he knew. His grandfather had been a human, perhaps that was why. Syrel carried a varied set of pistols among his person, a pair of flintlocks and a pair of cap and ball six shooters; Darrington 1810's

He was aboard "The Hearty Coin Purse", a trading vessel of the Honourable South Imperial Company, a Government sponsored trading company that had been created under the reign of Andreas Vandersryke and brought together a vast number of trading companies under one Government controlled company. It paid its dues to the Government but was autonomous in its work. It could sail out and establish colonies and even fight under the Imperial name, but was almost separate all together. A strange notion.

Well, the Hearty Coin Purse had been heading south to the New World, a vast land mass found there when the storm had hit.

Syrel was part of the expedition's guard duty but helped with the ship maintenance while on the vast ocean.


Demonic Companion Story

Zariel Norfiel

An Aşağı from a small village in the Ilmarian Imperium. Zariel heads off on a small errand for the local merchant.

He does not make it to the destination. Captured and infested by a demon, Zariel escapes and has to now live with a demon inside his mind.


Entitled To Fire Story

Reichart Dankmer Von Andelfingen


Name:  Reichart Dankmer Von Andelfingen

Nicknames: Reich, Hart, Andle.

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birth Date: Towerday 17th Sunfall 1786

Birth Place: Village called Lenzis, North of a Major city called Adestein.

Currently Living In: Wandering

Species: Human

Ethnicity / Race: In My world he's "Ilmarian"

Religion / Beliefs: None

Astrology Sign: None

Blood Type: AB

Father: Rüdiger Von Andelfingen (Deceased)

Mother: Käthe Von Andelfingen (Deceased)

Brother(s): One, Udo Von Andelfingen (Deceased)

Sister(s): Two - Wilma Von Andelfingen (Deceased), Lara Von Andelfingen (Deceased)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Pet(s): Familiar: Raven

Height:  Average height

Weight: average, if not a little thing.

Frame / Build: Thin, average looking

Hair length: Shoulder length

Hair colour: Dirty Brown

Eye colour: Purple (A genetic trait for certain mages in my world but can be changed to blue)

Complexion: fair

Tattoo(s): One, a burnt over tattoo of the secret Cabal he was inducted in to

Scar(s): Burnt flesh over his tattoo

Other notable accessories: Dirty looking, hobo-is

At a young age, Reichart was a very weak child, he was bullied in the small village and could barely lift much more than a few milk buckets. It was his mind that helped him flourish. His father had noted his keen mind and pushed to have his first born son sent to a better school.

At the school it was there he found his love for books and knowledge. Spending every free moment in the library, he read and read.

It was soon after his 16th name-day (Birthday) that his real skills appeared. Setting fire to the barn, Reichart found he was Entitled, a mage. His family paid for him to go to the Academy in the nearby port city of Adestein. It was here that he began to learn the art of moulding the Aetherial energy of the Aether and its use in sorcery.

He read and grew as an Entitled and was picked up by one of the elder students. This student brought him to the secret lodge of the Order of the Gifted, a secret Cabal of Entitled ran by the school. He was inducted into it at the age of 18

Tricked into murdering his entire family; his father, mother, youngest brother and two young sisters, Reichart lashed out and destroyed the Academy before fleeing.

Now 24 and wandering the world, he searches for books and knowledge, perhaps a way to reverse what he did. To change the past

Good Qualities / Trait(s): Loyal, Honest, tells the honest truth even if it turns out for the worse

Vices / Negative Trait(s):

Strengths: Fire, is a very gifted Fire "Entitled" (Mage)

Weaknesses: Knowledge. He is always seeking more knowledge.

Habits / Idiosyncrasies / Quirks: Scratches a lot, a nervous tick

Phobia / Fears: Fire

Loves: Knowledge. Books

Hates: Fire. The Order he was inducted into.

Powers / special abilities: Gifted Fire Entitled (mage)

Weaknesses: Fire. Although very skilful with it, after his traumatic past, if he see's someone or something die to fire, he will go into a wide eyed stare, unable to move or talk. The trauma playing back for him.


Honourable Warrior Story

Wilford Lynch

As part of the Ilmarian Imperium’s “Honourable South Imperial Trading Company”, Wilford Lynch is captured by the native soldiers and taken prisoner. There he learns of the way of the “Meiyo aru Senshi”, the “Honourable Warrior”. He learns, he believes. As he craved death due to incidents in his past, he learns what he really wants is for a “Meiyo aru Shi”, an “Honourable Death”


Invitation Story

Erdal Nadir


As Protagonist of the short story “Invitation”, Erdal Nadir is an Aşağı living in the Modern Age of Ilmaria, Erdal is as high and mighty as the former lineage he knows flows through his veins.

After the incident in the book “Invitation.” Erdal has began to explore the needs unlocked by his dear partners.


‘Arizali’ Story

Arizali Dhunnyr


Thousands of years ago, before the Human Empires up on the surface had even formed, the Üstün ruled the world. They had been the Masters of the Known world and had the power to control the Aetherial energies of the universe with a natural ease, without the need to wear protective gloves when reaching into the Aetherial veil for the power to use their magic.

It was with the rising power of their slaves that the Üstün met their match. Their own infighting allowed the Human slaves to take over and topple the grand Üstün Empires of the World. It was said the ancient continent of Nargaroth sank to the bottom of the sea or was taken by the Gods to another world.

That was ancient history.

On the surface, the Üstün had been wiped out, all that remained were their ancestors, weaker and lacking the natural magical talent, the Aşağı were the children of the Ancient Üstün. The Modern Elf.

However, deep underground another race lay.

It was said that the Yaralti were the Üstün who fled and hid from the Humans, it was also said that the Yaralti were the Üstün that had been cursed by ancient Üstün Sorceresses to be forever cast underground.

What was understood was that Yaralti and Aşağı were very different.

Their skin colours were vastly different. Aşağı could be any colour, like humans, but the Yaralti were dark skinned, black to blue and purple, they lived underground and like their ancestors, most had an affinity for the Aetherial Arts.

Vast cities spread in the underdark, the Yaralti survived for thousands of years.

Arizali Dhunnyr was only a baby when she was cast out by her people.

If it was not for the fact her Mother had been a member of the Cities Council of Elders, then she would have faced death before taking her first name-day.

Arizali meant "Damaged", it meant "Broken" in the ancient tongue.

She was broken and damaged.

Arizali was deaf. Her natural hearing had never developed and the girl was seen as an outcast.


She was the youngest child of the Dhunnyr family, her father worked at the military academy and her mother in the Council. Her brother was her only friend.

Or so she wanted him to be. Everyone kept her at arms length. Arizali was broken but she was the daughter of an Elder, she had to be respected.

Luckily she was touched.

The 'Touched' were keen magic users and she could use it for many different skills. Teleportation was her favorite. She had developed that skill quite quickly, she could cast fireballs, ice balls and all variants of elemental sorcery.

Something she knew her "untouched" brother hated.


Viktoria Vogelweide


War seems to go on forever when you are in the thick of it. It seems to slow down and speed up at its own will. You can be sat for months in a trench only for seconds to have passed.

Only for shells to fall around you.

The Alrussian's had attacked once more. Now we defend


Astrid Lytingdottir


Rendezvous & Comrade in Arms Stories

Alphonse Crowle


Unworked Characters


Alta Burke

Alta Burke was the 410th Line of the Ilmarian Royal Family, or she was if you counted Bastard children. Thrust into a life she never really wanted, Alta made her way grom street rat to prisoner to soldier. At Twnety-Five she was the Lieutenant in the Ilmarian Imperium.

After being captured, and taken to a far away land, Alta Bruke attempts to return home.

unknown (5).png

Engineered Love Story

Reichard Weiss

The Confederation has expanded out its territory over the years, charting unknown space and meeting new races.

The latest mission of charting space is the CFV Courtier, a survey vessel sent out on a Ten year mission.

The crew are ready and will set off on the mission with high hopes.

All except Private Reichard Weis. Brought to the ship against his own wishes, Reichard Weis quickly gains enemies.

It is only one man who finds the ability to tollerate Private Weis for longer than a few minutes that will be his only chance.

It is only through their story will they Engineer their own Love.

Recihard Weis is an Engineer, fresh out of the Academy and joins the CFV Courtier after being reassigned from the Flagship of the Fleet.

He is a rude and self-rightous figure, he does not care what others think of him and does his job as he see’s fit. But he is a the best damn Engineer in the damn fleet.

Weis also has the tendancy to get fucked often. It is not until he falls in love with his Chief of Engineering that he begins to circle in and only focus on one person.


The Way the Stars Fall Verse

Characters from the novel and series of "The Way the Stars Fall


Jack Hunter

Jack is the captain of the starship "Tranquility" the main character of "The Way the Stars Fall" series


Tona Shrike

The love interest to Jack Hunter, Tona Shrike is a secondary protagonist in the "The Way the Stars Fall" series.


Jordan Roche

Jordan 'Jo' Roche is your standard hipster/bad boy kind of character. He has a selection of Tattoo's, a drug addiction problem and needs money; doing anything to get money.


Vernon Walker

Vernon Walker is the son of an English Merchantman. Born in Yorkshire, England; Vernon traveled with his father to the Colonies where he grew fond of the 'New World' and its customs and people.

Set in an alternative history where France never went through with its funding of the American Revolution due to its already bankrupt Nobility, the American's Independence was shut down by the British Empire. This would lead to no French Revolution due to the bankrupt Nobility and no Napoleon due to no Revolution.

A much better place for the world if America did not get grumpy over 'tax without representation' even though the Empire spent several years fighting the French on Colonial soil to preserve their rights.... funny huh...

Roleplays can be set anywhere in the British Empire's flintlock and rifle era, ranging from the Seven years war right up to Napoleon and even the wars in Africa such as the Zulu.




First puchased from an Android 'Build-it-yourself' website, The Android that would be later known as 'SB-125' by her product code. 

Her first owner failed to purchase the right module, so ended up with an emotionless robot. Soon after he bought the next model and abandoned her and sold her to the next best offer


Larionovna Antonov

Larionovna 'Lari' Antonov is a Russian blue haired punk girl. She dresses very punk and 'metal' and has a thick Russian accent.

Coming from St. Petersburg, Russia, Lari recently moved to a new country (What ever country is in the RP) and is trying to set up her life there. Speaking little English, she has to learn the language, nuances and other fiddly things.



Corilian Laecudilius

Corilian was formerly a Commissar in the 125th Regimental Armed Forces. For 5 years he served the regiment until drafted into the Inquisition after helping an Inquisitor on a mission.

Now running a cell of initiates and members of the Inquisitor's retinue, Corilian is a stand up guy, ready to defend the Empire's rules; he is an expert swordsman and loves his alcohol.


Quintus Fulvius Major's

Set in two parts of his lifetime, Quintus Fulvius Major is the second son of a rather well off merchant.

As a boy, Quintus is a rather strong boy and wanting to join the legion to make a name for himself. He is smart and full of idealism.

As a man, Quintus is smarter than his young self, he knows the horrors of war and fights to settle down and start a family.



SS-Standartenführer in the German SS, Reinhardt Kreiger is a German born Patriotic man, he does what he thinks is best for his country but is disalusional with the way things are going. He wants the best for his nation but not at the price he has been seeing.

Roleplays take place in several era's. 

  • World War 2 - Can take place at anytime during the war.

  • Alternative Universe - Can take place in an AU where Germany won the war, in any country at any time.



Tyler is a tattoo loving guy who happens to look rather feminine. He does not care if people think he's a girl, but gets rather annoyed at it.

Tyler has tried dating girls but they seem to hate the fact he gets all the stares at clubs and places they go out. He has thought about dating guys but has never tried anything.



Blake is a nice calm dude. That was until he did a favor for a few friends on a drunken night.

Somehow that got out, and now he has damage control to sort out.

Male Character that looks feminine. Looking to get some fun role plays going with this character but has to have a proper plot


Kathryn Ibram Elyse Keira Derron Ascar Lannister

A Game of Thrones OC used for a group which I am no longer a member of.




A new OC I am creating, I need to set up some RP's to get things going!!


"Succubus" - Lesley Roach

Lesley Roach is a generic Original character for post apocalyptic verses and military verses.

For the NO CHANCE ORGANISATION verse, Lesley was abducted and her mind erased. Given the name 'Succubus', she is now a hit man for the organisation. Killing those who's minds have been erased and are due for 'disapearing'.