[WT] = Working Title

[GW] = Ghost Writing Job

"Paralyzed Ladybug" - A Miraculous Ladybug Fan-Fiction

COMPLETED - 100% Complete. 100%

“DERELICT” - A SCI-FI Tabletop Board game Narrative

COMPLETED - 100% Complete. 100%

“The Last Terran Sol” - An Image-Based Short Story

COMPLETED - 100% Complete. 100%

Welcome to Commission area, where I will explain everything you need to know about my commissions. I write Short stories, Novella's, Novels and Fanfictions (depending on what verse, as I need to know the characters) If you have any comments, questions, or concerns after thoroughly reading my policies and guidelines, please send me a note so we can discuss.


- I have the right to refuse any commissions without explanation.
- I will not write what I am uncomfortable with, no matter the price.
- I am not responsible if your commission doesn't turn out how you wanted it.
- If you decide to cancel, refunds may or may not be given depending on if I started and how much of the commission I've written.
Not started = full refund.
Started, not much done = 85% refund
Started, halfway done = 50% refund
Nearly completed = 25% refund
Finished but not yet shown = No refund


The following are my prices by word count. Please do not ask me to lower my prices. Writing takes as much time and effort as artwork and I ask that you respect that.

 100-500 Words (very short) - £10.00

 500-1000 Words (short) - £20.00

 1,000-3,000 Words (average size of a one-shot) - £60.00

 3,000-5,000 Words (chapter length) - £100.00

 5,000-10,000 Words (multi-chapter/ medium) - £200.00

 10,000-15,000 Words (multi-chapter/large) - £300.00

 15,000-20,000 Words (multi-chapter/large) - £400.00

 20,000-25,000 Words (multi-chapter/large) - £500.00


A good rule of thumb is for every 500 words, add £10

I’m more than happy to do multi-chapter behemoths so long as you’re willing to pay for it and wait the time it takes to write. I do have a day job and writing is usually done after work or on weekends.

In the case of negotiable prices, for 10000+ words, these will be discussed in private. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and it is in no way a chore, but at that length time and effort do need to be taken into consideration


Research & Planning

If I am not given the information for the plot and chapters, I will have to research a piece and plan the piece accordingly. This will usually take time depending on how long the piece is and what type of piece the commission is.

Here are two lose pricings for it. Both are discussable and changable.

No Research -  Free

Limited Research & Planning - £10

Medium Research & Planning - £20

Long research & Planning - £30


Ownership & Rights

I (Lewis) own the rights to the story: FREE.

The ownership of the piece and all rights to it are mine, with me free to do with it as I please. For Fanfiction this means I can publish or even edit the work into anything else at a later date. 

This does not mean you will not be credited, if you DO NOT wish to be credited for the origonal work, I cna leave your name out.

If you wish to be credited, you must supply a name to be credited by.

YOU (Client) own the rights to the story: 

Under 10,000    Credited      : £50
Under 10,000    UnCredited    : £75
Over 10,000    Credited       : £100
Over 10,000     UnCredited    : £200


YOU own the rights to the story, characters and all rights to do with this as you please. This includes publish and resale. 

The price is higher for certain word counts and weither the piece is credited or uncredited. 

I also accept shares of sales but would require full access to the invoicing of such so I can reliably know if what I am getting is correct.

Smut & Mature Themes

Romance with Non-descriptive encounters          : £5
Non-descriptive Sexual Encounters                : £10
Descriptive Sexual Encounters                    : £20
Highly descriptive Sexual Encounters             : £30
Taboo Themes (Rape, High Detail Torture, etc)    :£40


You can pay me through Paypal at

I do ask for up-front payment but in some cases I may ask for an advance on the payment excelling no more than 50% of the final price. If you pull out partway through I will charge you for what has been done up til that point, and will send you the incomplete work.


 I can either upload the finished work to a site of your choice (e.g. DeviantArt, or email you a copy, or both. Please tell me which option you would prefer when submitting your form.

 If you are going to share my work anywhere, please make sure that you credit me as the original writer. This is mostly for commissions, not ghostwriting. If you want a Ghost Writer, then it will cost a lot more.



Science Fantasy

Science Fiction




Comics / Graphic Novels

Crime / Detective









Erotic (Check Smut & Mature Themes section above)


I can also do the following:

Game Plots

Game Dialogue

Game descriptors



(DISCLAIMER: I do not own these properties, I am simply producing fan-made work based on or inspired by them)

Alan Wake
Attack on Titan
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Lengend of Korra
Black Lagoon
Code Geass
Cowboy Beepob
Death Note
The Expanse
Firefly / Serenity.
Final Fantasy XV
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Ghost in the Shell
Gravity Falls
Hannibal (Mads Mikkleson version)
Highschool of the Dead
HISTORICAL (Roman, British Empire, Nazi Germany etc...)
Indigo Prophecy
Kill la Kill
Life is Strange
Lost Fleet Series
Mass Effect
Max Payne
Metal Gear Solid
Metro Series
Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir
My Little Pony
My Hero Academia
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Nier: Automata
Prison School
Splinter Cell Series
Stargate Atlantis
Starship Operators
The Eldar Scrolls
Transformers Prime
Violet Everguarden
Warhammer 40k
(These include all spin-offs, manga, sequels etc.)

Again, this list is only a small percentage of what I can write for, so if you want to request something that isn’t here, feel free to do so.

 Pairings, Character Types and Content 

♡ Character x Character
♡ Character x Reader
♡ Smut
♡ Yaoi
♡ Yuri


♡ Drama
♡ Horror
♡ Romance
♡ Sci-Fi
♡ Thriller
♡ Betrayal
♡ War
♡ AU (Alternative Universe)
♡ School
♡ Fantasy

(Again these are not all-encompassing, I will do more than is listed here. These are merely examples)


Please send the relevant form to my email, as the messaging system is too unreliable.

One-Shot Submission

((Compulsory information is marked with a *))

Name*: (For Communication & For possible Creditation)
Fiction or Fanfiction*:
(If Fanfiction) Fandom*: (e.g. RWBY)
Genre*: (e.g. Drama & Angst)
(if Fanfiction) Characters*: (e.g. Velvet, Coco)
(if Fanfiction)Pairings*: (e.g. Velvet x Coco. Please state if there are to be none)
Plot*: (Try to provide as much detail as you can)
Post it or Private?*: (I can either post it on a host website, email it to you, or both)
Length*: (e.g. 1000-3000)
Exclusions: (Anything you don’t want included in the fic, for example anything that triggers you)
Smut?*: (Please answer Yes or No)
Email*: (so I can contact you)

 If it is a multi-chapter request please include the following if you wish these to be included: 

Number of chapters: (e.g. 3)
Preferred chapter titles:

1. _____________
2. _____________
3. _____________


 This will be wholly dependent on my real-life circumstances and how many commissions I have to do, but they should usually take a week or two maximum for 3000-5000 words, and longer if more than that. I will ensure you are kept updated on my progress.

I don’t have any limit on time or the number of commissions I take.

 If you have any queries please email me or message me. Sometimes messages don’t go through so email is the preferred option. This will also give us the chance to discuss final details before confirming payment

 If you would like to commission me please message me here or email me at


If you require access to the portfolio, please email me at the following email address:

with the title "Portfolio Application"


Written Work


Series Work

The WAy the Stars Fall Series

"The Way The Stars Fall" is a novel series that I have created, following a ship as it travels through an unknown yet similar world, they fight an dastardly Imperium, a dangerous Insurrectionist and an awakened Alien Foe; only trying to return to their own home.

The Trilogy is 2/3rds complete, with the second novel to be released in the near future and can be found on Amazon or Lulu with thinks on this page

TheFall Cover.png


The Fall is a series of short stories and novels set in the Sci-fi universe of 'The Fall'. A coalition of Earth's states war with human colonies, themselves and a new alien threat. These works can be found here



Death of the Sun

200 years after a global nuclear war brings humanity to its knee's. London's population live underground, hiding from Radiation and the poisoned world.

Vernon Hurley is a member of one of the micro-Organisations that go out and search the ruins for supplies and survivors. Finding the revelations of the world he is living in, Vernon strives to make a change but will the world kill him or will he kill the world?


professional Work


Dark Studio's "Outer Veil"


For some time, I was a senior writer for the video game "Outer Veil" by "Dark Studio's". While also being a Level Designer and the Community Manager, I worked on creating the backstory and history of the Outer Veil universe. The link to the files can be found here for browsing.