Here is everything NON FICTION I write and published.





An Alan Wake inspired Song I wrote when I was depressed on some beach in Skegness


(Verse 1)
Years flow by, Shrouded in mystery.
One goal in my mind; the need to create.
The clacking of the typewriter on pristine pages
All to no Avail.
(Verse 2)
Cries for more fueled the need, built the pressure.
Darkness slipping; violence ensuing.
I cant take no More!.
(background) Take no More!
It is all around me!
Darkness surrounding!
Darkness engulfing!
Pulling me deeper.
Fight with the light
Bring about the Return.
Fight with the light
Bring about the Return.
(Verse 3)
Journeyed from the light
into the hills and to the lakes.
Darkness knew I was near; approaching, encroaching
reaching out with its claws of despair.
Snatching my muse from me.
(Verse 4)
I rushed to the cliff; my heart in my throat.
Diving to the rescue, no thought to my life.
I wake dazed, confused and bloodied,
My Journey beginning, battling the Dark.
Souls taken and Consumed.
It is all around me!
Darkness surrounding!
Darkness engulfing!
Pulling me deeper.
Fight with the light
Bring about the Return.
Fight with the light
Bring about the Return.
(Verse 5)
I learn the truth, the fate I walk;
A Poet and his muse,
Cursed by the same fate.
I learn the lesson, arm myself with the light,
Ready for my Return.
(Verse 6)
He dived to wake,
Lighting my path;
Bringing my Salvation,
Saving me from the Light.
Only one way out,
Balancing the scales
Sacrificing the Light.
It is all around me!
Darkness surrounding!
Darkness engulfing!
Pulling me deeper.
Fight with the light
Bring about the Return.
Fight with the light
Bring about the Return.
(Verse 7)
Finding the Clicker is my quest,
Defeat the Darkness.
Confronted with Scratch,
My Alter Ego on the outside,
My Job is clear, fix all that is wrong,
Balancing the battle, defeat the darkness
and Sacrifice the light.
Sacrifice the light!



~ | Alan Wake | ~

Alan Wake is about a writer plagued by writers block who  takes a holiday with his wife to a remote place in America. A dark presence takes his wife hostage and makes him write a novel to make it stronger, after escaping the dark presence Alan must try and find a way to rescue his wife while making sense of the entire situation; he is helped by his agent, a police officer and a man named "Thomas Zane"; a man who is still trapped in the lake and was the last victim of the dark presence. 

The Story is well written and leaves you thinking "Wtf!" at the end, and actually makes you think rather then plastering the story on your face like most games now a days. Game play involves weakening enemies down with a flash light and then shooting them, this gets very repetitive and I believe (as a writer) that the story kind of makes up for it. Behind the scenes the game was to be a open Sandbox style but failed and it is evident that this part was kept in during some of the driving scenes. 

The Game gives a good presence and as the darkness envelopes you, the music the atmosphere brings the feeling of the player being alone and striving for the light becomes a goal. The Light engine is also brilliant, If you stare from the light to the darkness you cannot see anything other then the light but if you stare from the darkness into the light, you are blinded  by it, unless it isn't aimed at you then it looks like Real Light, I say real as in The Real world.. 

The Idea of a First Free DLC was brilliant as well. Remedy (also the {Original} creators Of Max Payne ) gave a DLC which made you wanted more story wise, almost making you pay for the second rather then saying "here is the DLC, Buy it" like most companies where the DLC is just part of the game they left out; in Alan Wake, the DLC is a extension of the game, bringing Alan wake 1 and the future squeal together. The use of music is pretty good, They have a band which is key to the actual story with a song "Poet and his Muse". The band called "Poets of the fall" are a band Remedy have used before in Max Payne; they were the band that the end song 'Late Goodbye" was written from, the band was used in the in game band but also had a debut song called "War". 

Alan Wake was also widely advertised in different Mediums, mediums such as a miniseries and the music video for Poet of the fall also includes the live action actor who gave the likeness for Alan and was also in the miniseries. This is great because it shows they are not just cooking out another game and want to actually make Alan wake into something more then a game. 

I love this game, It has perfect story and a very good atmosphere problem was it has almost zero replay ability unless you count finishing on  the harder difficulty and collectibles or achievement whoring. I hope you liked this review, Its my first one and hopefully the first of many. Thank you for your time :)


~ |END| ~


What follows are what I call 'Larkism's'. Little poems I wrote which may or may not rhyme, make sense or even be coherent. I wrote these at times in my life of really bad depression and have decided to share them here.



The hands of time grasp the wheel;
ever turning on and on.

The world tumbles on, its people unaware;
the man stares from the stars,
Not God nor Goddess, neither any of the Pantheon.

Just a man, descending through the clouds;
from star and heavenly body.

The Insect lands and his passengers depart,
living their lives how they see fit;
pushed by Law, Love and Family.

But he is lost, without Law, Love or Family.

He is a man bound by Honor and Sacrifice;
the Battle was long and the war was hard,
leaving the man Godless and Alone; Forever a drifter of the stars,
because no one leaves Serenity.

By Lewis Stockton


Planets spin and stars fall,
the Universe still turns its eternal motion.

Sunsets and rises on a million worlds; maybe more?

There is only one that I would share with you,
on our horizon does our future lie.

The morning glow or the late gloom
our star create.

My feelings lasting the life of a billion suns
or till Universe’s end come.

Be with me from dawns glow to dusks gloom
and to live forever together in each others arms

moving forward into the horizons beyond.

By Lewis Stockton.


Into the Night

I don't know what I was thinking,
as I drove into the night.

Leaving her to squander her love,
as I drove into the night.

I dare not open my heart for fear of pain,
as I drove into the night.

They laugh and taunt at my sorrows,
as I drove into the night.

I only wish for one thing,
as I drove into the night.

To confess my heart and to love,
as I drove into the night.

So I turn the wheel and return,
now driving into the light.


By Lewis Stockton

Last Stand

Sky burned as they turned their weapon on the earth,
ships flew overhead; reigning fire and death.

The 122nd held their ground, they must hold,
one after one they lived; holding the line.

The civilians fled to the evac ships; as hell reigned,
many did not leave the world of flame;
their escape craft turned casket.

The 122nd held their ground, they will hold,
one after one they fell; holding the line.

Ammo ran short and the 122nd turned to blade;
“For Death” came the call; a command to charge;
cut down like cattle; they fell.

The 122nd held their ground, they did hold,
one after one they died; holding the line.

By Lewis Stockton


Take my Hand

This piece was a contest win on "" in the 'Lyrics Only' Comeption of September 2011.

Lyrics only - Contest Win - Take my hand.png

ake my hand, so we can fly away,
take my hand so we can dine together,
take my hand so we can protect each other,
oh wont you take my hand; so we can love forever.
I would travel light years to hear you laugh,
I would move the world to see you smile,
I would journey the galaxy to smell your perfume,
oh I would navigate a thousand seas to stop you crying.
Please take my hand so I can love you,
would you take my hand so I can hold you,
quickly take my hand so I can live with you,
oh just take my hand so I can always be with you.

By Lewis Stockton

The Best Is Yet To Come

The men took another step forward.
the horn ran through the leaves,
yet he carried on; walking, a dead man’s walk.

The men search and hunt for the lone survivor,
as he walks his dead man’s train,
yet he walks on; walking his dead man’s walk.

The soldiers found his train; blood, footprints and dead comrades,
one long line of death, the barks of the dogs of war,
yet he carried on; walking, a dead man’s walk.

He watched them approach, loading the last of his bullets,
they had no idea he was that closes; waiting... waiting...
yet he carried on; walking, a dead man’s walk.

The action barely last a minute; sixty on one,
fighting with rifle, pistol and knife, now he lay, staring at the stars,
no longer walking on; sleeping, the dead mans walk.

By Lewis Stockton


The Road

The path was long and far
and my legs hurt and burnt,
forever running; walking this road alone.

Tree’s pass and the winds blow,
the world turned and carried on its eternal progression.
weary eyed and tired; walking this road alone.

I wish only to stop and rest my head,
A minute, a day, even for a second;
until journeys end, I will continue; walking this road alone.

Finally the time has come,
soon now I see my future, my fate, my destiny;
a few more feet; walking this road alone.

I am here; at journey’s end,
you are there to embrace and love,
now we walk together; walking this road together.

By Lewis Stockton

Train Of Thought.

Thinking and pondering,
all I ever do is think and worry;
the circumstances that will arise
if I pursue this train of thought.

What ifs and what will are the same,
to think the one will bring it to another;
It is only natural to worry, I always do
if I pursue this train of thought.

I can never leave this journey,
the journey is my destiny:
I only ask we share this carriage,
on the train of thought.

By Lewis Stockton.



The howling screams of pure despair,
The falling drones of hope and passion;
the war I fight has just begun.

I fight for hope, passion and love
but words fail me at the time.

My soul falls like a wingless angel
and I want to confess to you;
my admiration and love for you,
but thought plagues my mind
like a plague of locust.

Please hear my last confession;
the ramblings of a lost soul
and understand why I fight;
raging this war alone.

By Lewis Stockton

Winds of Change

Swords clash and shields buckle,
Man vs. Man, God on God, Christian to Saracen.

The word of God takes many forms
but I doubt the all mighty would approve.

We slaughter them and they slaughter us,
It will never change; the world will never change.

Man moved from sword to rifle, arrow to bullet;
horse to tank and catapult to howitzer.

It will never change; the world will never change.

With fire and men the forces collide,
the dead litter and the living mourn
the only people to see wars end.

For God, land or resource mankind fails
It will never change; mankind will never feel the winds of change.

By Lewis Stockton.


Be Human

Death without life, war without peace,
I fight on without hesitation.

Duty without recognition, honour without love,
I fight on without falter.

I watched my comrades dies,
butchered, massacred and shredded;
she lay in my Arms, taking her last breath.

All she says is two words:
their meaning clear.

Life without death, to have peace without war,
to get recognition for duty and to love with honour,
all these in two words…

...Be Human...

By Lewis Stockton