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A quick piece I wrote together while being unable to sleep and depressed about my lack of writing and anyone reading, so put something together quickly. Plot is a nice simple idea; a group of people coming together when a friend is in need. But its not all nice as you think! Ready for some tears... come on... not even a little?


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Scent of Lilly & Rose

A history I made up for roleplaying the character, Mike Zachairus. Starting at his childhood, Mike loses those close to him, and years later, finds retribution.


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Expedition of Blood

Mike is out on the flanks of the expedition, scouting, when he loses his horse. Now he must fight to survive


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Scent of Lilly and Rose.png

Mikeri Week 2015

A series of short stories I wrote for the "Mikeri Week 19-25th October 2015"

  • Day 1: Domestic Relationship
  • Day 2: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
  • Day 3: Eye for an Eye
  • Day 4: Give In
  • Day 5Damaged


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MikeNana Week 2016

A series of short stories I wrote for the "MikeNana Week 17-24th January 2016"

  • Day 1: Reunion
  • Day 2: Banana
  • Day 3: Regrets
  • Day 4: Phantom Pain



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Life After The Fall

Annie Leonhart, newest member of the Military Police is assigned to Matias Katzenbach's squad. However he is not the laid back sort of guy the rest of the Military Police seem to be. Cracking down on his squads attitude, he tries to get the best out of Annie. This is a Roleplay converted into a Fan Fiction. It was myself as Annie and a former friend as Matias (Name changed)


Life After The Fall.png


    Fornax 2 Article

    An Article I have written for the adult Magazine "Fornax"; in their 2nd edition. Two childhood Quarian friends bond over their leaving pilgrimage celebrations coming up and vow a promise.

    (Published on their website)



    The Beginning of Commander Shepard

    A Mass Effect fan fiction based on Bioware's Mass Effect series. Staring my Commander Shepard, 'Jack'. The short story gives a small background to Shepard, being a spacer and a War hero; the story shows how Jack Shepard, then Gunnery Chief, survived Elysium and gained the Star of Terra


    The Ending of Commander Shepard

    A Custom Ending to Mass Effect 3 based on my own character and his interactions and history (and past Fan Fictions).



    Desires of the Soul.png

    Desires of the Soul

    After an normal day out busting ghosts on Valentines day, Kylie and Eduardo find themselves becoming rather attracted to each other; leaving the rest of the Extreme Ghost busters to try to fix the problem before the stroke of midnight where their infatuated love will be irreversible


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    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

    Mamiko's First Kiss.png

    Mamiko's First Kiss

    Nozaki needs a plot for the upcoming February edition of his manga, so comes up with a romantic 'first kiss' plotline, however he needs inspiration. What follows is a long string of forced kisses, embarrassing actions and funny moments! Hope you enjoy!



    Surprise & Pleading.png

    Surprise & Pleading - YangxBlake

    This is a piece I wrote for my Yang Roleplay Partner in the Skype group I RP as Velvet for. She wanted a Yang x Blake piece. Post Season 3 finale, Yang is moaping around the house, Blake comes to convince her to come back to the team but needs some convincing.


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    Rabbit's Tale.png

    Rabbit's Tale - VelvetxCoco

    Team CFVY is one of the only 2nd year teams seen in RWBY, Velvet is my favorite character and this is a story of how she joined Beacon, joined team CFVY and progressed through the year, found love and friends. This Velvet is my own head cannon version, as I role-played her before she was properly shown in the series, so there are things different from the show. Enjoy!



    Brain Dead.png

    Brain Dead

    Motoko is shot in the head. Her brain case is damaged. What will happen to her? Find out inside!                                                                  


    Follow Your Ghost.png

    Follow Your Ghost

    Finding a strange Cyborg, Motoko and the victim grow closer as they both try to follow their dreams, follow their passions and follow their Ghost's.            


    Witcher Series


    The White Wolf Series:

    1 - Retirement


    A series of stories set post Witcher 3. Geralt has saved Ciri, the Northern War was won in the name of King Radovid V the Stern and the Nilfgaard army settled along the Yaruga river. Geralt and Yennefer retire to his Beauclair estate, however, the Witcher cannot retire; he sets off on a series of adventures that ends with the death of someone dear to him.



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    2 - Order of the Shattered Shield

    Yennefer is dead, killed by a Knight from another world. "The Order of the Shattered Shield" has hunted Ciri since she caused an incident in their world. A Knight arrived and killed Yennefer and almost killed Geralt too but Geralt and Ciri defeated him. With their hearts broken and their loved one dead, the pair travel to the other world to take revenge on those who have wronged t



    3 - The Dragon and the Wolf



    4 - A New Life




    One Shots

    For Monsters

    Geralt picks up a contract to stop some sort of monster attack on caravan convoys. What he finds is a simple job for a Witcher, kill the monster. However, a simple job turns complicated when the lines of what a monster is become muddled.


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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Asuka's Life.png

    Asuka's Life

    Asuka's life is full of perril and danger. A damaged child in a damaged world. This is an AU verse for Evangellion What follows is a edit of a roleplay between myself (As Asuka) and a friend who played Kaji. This is an ongoing thing so I will add more to it when we've roleplayed it and I've edited it.


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    Violet Evergarden

    Violet Evergarden.png

    Untold Stories

    After learning the meaning of Love, that her one true love is Missing In Action and thought dead, Violet continues her job at the CH Postal Company

    This is a series of short stories all linked by an overarching story line similar to the show.


    Miraculous Ladybug &

    Chat Noir

    Paralyzed Ladybug.png

    Paralyzed Ladybug

    Ladybug and Chat Noir have defeated Hawk Moth! Post-fight they are too exhausted to flee the scene and are revealed to each other. What follows is a budding relationship between both Adrien and Marinette, and Chat Noir and Ladybug. This relationship takes a turn for the worse when Marinette is severely injured during a summer vacation trip. Left unable to move from the neck down,


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    Chat Blanc.png

    Chat Blanc

    Chat Noir finds a terrible secret and has to take a deep and dark road. Marinette, confused and hurt has to surpass her love and save the world.



    Yurii on Ice!!

    The Ice King and Prince

    Viktor is retiring soon, and wishes to go out with one last event, a duet. With Yurii out of the picture in Japan, Viktor turns to Yurio, who he is training for a little while. However, trouble occurs and Viktor must come to the realisation that he would never skate again while Yurio comes to terms with certain feelings he has begun to feel.

    40K: Eisenhorn

    Fraternal Hunter.png

    Fraternal Hunter

    Gregor Eisenhorn is on the hunt for the Divine Fratery and must fight his way through enemies, friends and old allies.



    Return, Love, Death.png

    Return, Love, Death

    Post Xtreme Xecutor: Ryofu has returned, planning on staying with the blue haired vixen, Ryomou tries to figure out why Ryofu is back and spend as much time with her before either of them disappear again.

    Based on several roleplays I've played as Ryomou in, mostly from a current Rp on RPG with a Ryofu. Most of the content is copy-pasted content edited to fit a story format.


    Gravity Falls



    Bill has been defeated. Dipper and Mabel have returned home, everything is going fine for everyone. Except Wendy. Nightmares plague her dreams and Dipper is one of the main antagonists in her dreams. Why? She had no idea. But he... is returning...


    Kill La Kill


    The Plan

    Satsuki rules over Honnoji Academy with an iron fist. With her mother sending a spy to work and figure out any plans her daughter has, Satsuki makes a minor mistake in a challenge to Ryuko Matoi and now has to bare the consequences of her words.


    Nier Automata

    Nier - History Lesson.png

    History Lesson

    2B and 9S were supposed to be having a day off, it was supposed to be peaceful;  perhaps fish. Enjoy a single day off.

    However 9S had to explore the Alien Ship. Somehow, someway, the pair find themselves on Earth in the Modern Time and must now try and get back to their own time, however 9S is damaged and will not make the long way home. The Pair must act as Human as possible.