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Vlandirleld Ambsterster

Race - Human

Nationality - Ilmarian

Class - Entitled  (Wizard)

Background: TBA


Race - Wood Elf

Nationality - Ilmarian

Class - Ranger

Background: TBA




Race - Wood Elf

Nationality - Ilmarian

Class - Rogue


[RPG NIGHT - CAMPAIGN DIARY - GAME 001] THE TEN RINGS: 01 - "Death of a Master"

The Ten Rings: 01 - "Death of a Master"

The City of Clearwater

The City of Clearwater

Starting Location: The City of Clearwater.

Date: Saintsday the 35th of Heathswrath 1805

It was six months ago that Allannia Sharo, known throughout the Ilmarian Imperium as The Master, took the party in as pupils. The old elf woman’s skills in magic, combat, and survival were legendary. She trained many famous heroes and all the would-be treasure seekers, mercenaries, and do-gooders that came across her doorstep begging for her wisdom,

Training for three years under her wing, the pair grew to be close allies. Vlandirleld Amberster, an Ilmarian Entitled and user of the arcane arts. Elegosa and an Elven Ranger from the deep woods of Waud Forrest and the local Elven Reservation. 

Less than a week after their training was finished, Allannia was found dead in her home; apparently of natural causes, her will soon proved otherwise. Sending the pair on a final quest, they were to uncover her killer and unlock a hidden vault outside her estate.

In her will, she told of an enemy whom would be after her and that they should be careful.

Spending three days to unlock the vault via a set of keys hidden in three separate places.

  1. Burred in the grave of a former student and assistant to Allannia whom now is protected by the ghost of her former student.
  2. The cave of a dangerous spider now taken up and served by a band of goblins
  3. Defended by a Dragonkin hermit friend high on a mountain

Unlocking the vault, the pair found the a map showing the location of the hidden artefact. This vault also held a magical sword and a journal. Attacked by a strange Necromancer Entitled called "Vralekai The Dissector", the pair defeated the Necromancer and his skeletal minions.

Reading the journal out for Elegosa to hear, Vlandirleld told the story about their master. She was not really called Allannia Sharo but was called "Allannia Dawnstar". She was a hero whom was the sole survivor of her group, they had fought against an ancient cult called "The Pact of the Lich" and hid an artifact away from them.

They were to now protect it from the Pact and take up her charge.

Vlandirleld took three months to decipher her journal, her notes and the journal and messages left behind by Vralekai the Dissector until he found the location of the artifact.