Void Apostasy

A series of stories set in a future ruled by a Religious Dictatorship; Humanity fights those who wish to destroy it from the outside and the inside. 


Sent on a series of missions by their Lord, Lord Inquisitor Lucianus of the Holy Order, Corilian Laecudilius, a trained Commissar in the Militarium is paired with a new member of the team, Dawn; a brute of a woman and trained Mercenary.

The pair must attempt to discover a foul plot against the Empire.

Part 1 - The Mystery of Gregoruta

1. The Mystery of Gregoruta.png

Sent to Gregoruta 13Y to investigate a newly constructed Chapel prior to Consecration.


Corilian Laecudilius, a Commissar in the Kingdom of the Divine's military arm and secretly an agent for the Inquisitional "Holy Order", joins forces with Dawn, a barbaric bounty hunter and newly recruited Agent to solve the case.

Working alongside a former Planetary Defence Force soldier an an Assassin, can the party uncover the foul heresy afoot on Gregoruta 13Y?



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Part 2 - The Eternal Enlightenment

After the discovery of deeper dangers on Gregoruta 13Y, Corilian and Dawn are sent to investigate a missing person's case.

A friend to the Inquisitor has lost their daughter after she joined a religious group sprouting up in the city.

Corilian and Dawn head to the Hive City to investigate the group and attempt to find out who the Eternal Engligtenment might really be.


Short Stories

A series of short stories set in the same universe as the Main Story

Fleet Engagement (WIP)

Alone (WIP)

Purge (WIP)