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Welcome to the Homepage for the Ilmarian Inc, Ilmarian Imperium and Lewis Stockton's Personal Website. Here you will find the many divisions and members of the Ilmarian Imperium. 

So what is the Ilmarian Imperium?

The Ilmarian Imperium is a fictional Empire in the Novel Series "The Way the Stars Fall" and "The Man Who Would be King" world, written by Lewis Stockton. The Ilmarian Imperium here is the name of an overarching group of divisions. The Ilmarian Inc is the 'official' name for the group and includes the Publishing Division, which concerns anything to do with writing fictions and non-fiction works, the Game Studio Division, which concerns any Game Development, The Youtube Division which includes anything to do with Youtube and also the homepages of members of the Ilmarian Imperium, such as Deanna 'Nexanda' Paice.

The Imperium also has a discord channel, if you wish to join; please contact the Lewis Stockton via any of the social media methods.

 Flag of the Ilmarian Imperium

Flag of the Ilmarian Imperium



So, I finished NaNoWriMo! I actually finished it! It was not a completed novel that I ended up with but it was 50,000 words! 50k! FIFTY THOUSAND words.

I got a certificate from NaNoWriMo and a few images.



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