Welcome to the Homepage for the Ilmarian Inc, Ilmarian Imperium and Lewis Stockton's Personal Website. Here you will find the many divisions and members of the Ilmarian Imperium. 


So what is the Ilmarian Imperium?

Book 2 of the "The Way the Stars Fall" Series is out now!

Book 2 of the "The Way the Stars Fall" Series is out now!

The Ilmarian Imperium is a fictional Empire in the Novel Series "The Way the Stars Fall" Written by Lewis Stockton. The Ilmarian Imperium here is the name of an overarching group of divisions. The Ilmarian Inc is the 'official' name for the group and includes the Publishing Division, which concerns anything to do with writing fictions and non-fiction works, the Game Studio Division, which concerns any Game Development, The Youtube Division which includes anything to do with Youtube and also the homepages of members of the Ilmarian Imperium, such as Deanna 'Nexanda' Paice.


"Homestead" is now available for purchase!

"Homestead" is now available for purchase!

If you wish to see any of the works of the Ilmarian Imperium and its members, please use the links above to find your way to the area you wish to view.



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